Having discovered a leak in the down stairs toilet I thought another day gone trying to fix it myself.  So, I looked at the problem and it looked like a simple job of just changing a washer which I thought would be done in no time.  I found some washers and underwent this task and after 30 minutes or so and many attempts to stop the dripping I gave up.

My next thought was to call Tony and luckily for me he was free and can come around about mid-morning after he went to see another customer.

Once he arrived he looked at the problem and went to his van to get a couple of washers and although he thought this would stop the dripping it didn’t.  As the plastic tread on the pipe going into the cistern was damaged.  Again, he went to his van and got a new intake pipe/valve which once fitted did the trick.

I would highly recommend Tony to do any heating or plumbing jobs as he is very knowledgeable, polite, doesn’t over charge you and cleans up afterwards.


Tuesday 3rd July 2018

Richard Boulton (31/08/2018)